DISNEY TIPS – For a stress FREE experience!

Y’all! I finally put together all the tips I can think to help you have a stress free experience at Disney (or any park!)

We visited Cali a month ago and we were able to visit 3 Parks!

Get ready.

Print this and start the checking out!

Plan your Visit:

  • Buy tickets online
  • Visit on non-peaks days (Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday)
  • Download the app (Link your tickets there)

Select your bag:

  • Select a bag that doesn’t’ have to many pockets (Saves you check in time)
  • Make sure material is waterproof

Pack your bag:

I always bring two bags, a small crossbody bag with my personal and valuable items: Wallet, phone, camera and makeup (lol)

And a backpack with:

  • Ponchos (Because we never now with the weather)
  • Extra change of clothes (For kids AND adults)
  • Water (We put our water in the freezer overnight to have nice cold water during the day), All Disney parks allow you to get free water at counter service restaurants
  • Wipes (We use them for everything)
  • Snacks (Chips, cookies, crakers, fruits)
  • Hand sanitizer (because, you know)
  • Bring a towel (to dry off seats after rain or claim your spot at a parade) Turkish towels are a great idea
  • Stroller fan
  • Reusable straws
  • Sunscreen! (You won’t regret this one!)
  • Medications
  • Bathing suit for the kids
  • Hats for the whole family
  • Blister balm (because you are going to walk a lot!) 

Prepare your Phone:

  • Make sure your phone has enough memory
  • Phone charger
  • Compact external phone Charger (This is a MUST for me, I loooove taking pictures and videos)
  • Ziploc bags (to protect your phone for those water rides)
  • If you can, Airplane mode so no one interrupts you during the day
  • Make sure to clean lenses often
  • When holding your phone to take a picture, hold it at eye level, not above your head. You’re gonna get a better shot if you can see what you’re photographing
  • Not everything has to be staged. When it comes to memories, candid shots will tell the stories you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Plan your day:

  • When you park your car, make note of the location. It may be helpful to snap a photo of this location with your phone
  • Arrive at the park before it opens. I suggest arriving 30-45 minutes
  • Always start your day form the back to park to the front
  • Buy the photo pass, as photographer I can tell you is TOTALLY WORHT IT!
  • Leave the most popular rides to the end (We did this in Universal and we were able to ride the most popular one 3 times with a waiting time of 5 minutes!)
  • If your child isn’t tall enough to go on a particular ride, use the “Child Swap/Rider Switch” program
  • We don’t do reservations, but if you are a planner, you should (We eat anything whenever we are hungry)
  • Unless you are absolutely positive you’ll need Park Hopper tickets, hold off buying them since you can always upgrade a ticket at Guest Services, but you can’t get your money back if you don’t use it
  • Have a midday break with your lunch, take some time to rest and recharge
  • Many stores remain open after rides close, so you can do your souvenir shopping before leaving the park

Ride Tips:

  • Check the rides before (Since I’m not a fan of rides I check each one of them in youtube to make sure which one I want to ride)
  • The back row on the coasters are typically the fastest and the roughest (Keep that in mind)
  • Some rides have controls you can move that allow riders to go either up and down or tilt front to back
  • For most people, the 3-D effects in attractions are best seen from further back in the theaters
  • Single rider lines are a blessing! If you can split up your group, do it.
  • Lines close at official park closing time. However, the park stays open for at least one more hour. Therefore, plan to get in line before the park “closes” and you will be safe to ride an attraction past the official park closing time
  • Bring some games or books for those long waiting lines

More tips:

  • Bring a stroller! I cannot tell you how much time you will save having your kids in a stroller (you walk faster, they are secure when in crowds and they don’t get tired!)
  • Tie a ribbon (or another identification marker) to the handle. This way you can easily identify your stroller

I hope you enjoy your next visit to the parks the same way we did it!

And let me know in the comments if I’m missing more tips!


Valentina Meza – Kohnenkampf

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