Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Camp


Victoria is still dancing and showing all our family members her dance cheering moves and the videos of her performance with the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders! And this camp was an experience that my daughter will never forget, and let’s be honest … my husband and I will not forget it either.


The cheerleaders are not only beautiful women, but they are also great athletes (yes, cheerleaders are athletes too) and are very kind to all of the kids attending the camp.  The cheer camp was full of good vibes and lots of love for our little dancers making them feel super special. I was very surprised that 3 of them called Victoria and other girls by name. How can you learn the name of so many girls in just two days? Those little details impressed us the parents.


Victoria learned several dance routines in a two-day span and for us, first of all, how did the instructors do it and second how they managed to keep everything organized and fun.  To us the experience made us and Victoria feel a sense of great pride.  To see her dance in the midfield where the Dallas Cowboys play and where the cheerleaders dance in each game was so much fun. The enthusiasm that the cheerleaders, football instructors, and the Cowboys organizations showed was second to none.  The cheerleaders in particular transmitted so much joy, self-esteem and confidence to the girls and it was incredible and contagious. This was a dream come true for her and we hope to repeat it every summer.



I would like to conclude by thanking each of the cheerleaders, the coaches, players, the security people, the photographers and all those who were involved in this camp from the Dallas Cowboys organization because they made us feel at home, treated our children like real stars and created an event which is undoubtedly the best sports camp in DFW. See you next year!



Valentina Meza – Kohennkampf

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