Interview with the Venezuelan Artist Fabianna Trompiz -Art by FT


To celebrate Venezuela’s Independence Day, I decided to interview an artist from my country and I found this talented girl from Maracaibo (the same city where I was born) with very unique and original art. In this interview, she’ll tell you a little bit about her life and her art.

Name: Fabianna Emilia Trompiz Cianci

Artistic Name: Art by FT

I’m from Maracaibo – Venezuela, I’m 22 years old, I think my approach to art–and to what I do–started since I was little, I used to sketch and paint, usually on clothes because I wanted to be a fashion designer at the age of 7. Thereafter my style and interests started to change and when I was in high school I used to paint for myself, however, it was something really private and nobody knew about it. Generally, I made portraits with pencil or charcoal. Afterward, I started going to college and started my career as a lawyer and, in the meantime, I kept painting since it was the only thing that got me through studying a career that I didn’t love and that studied just for family obligations. Back then I was 17 years old and my style changed, I did other types of drawings, always in black and white with markers and adopting new techniques I saw on other artists, it was just a hobby and it was no longer something private.

Subsequently, I graduated from college when I was 21 years old and decided to start working on what I like: painting and creating illustrations. I started making illustrations combining images with my art and I loved the outcome, so I decided to make my illustrations public and created an Instagram account to share my work. Firstly, I did collaborations making illustrations for my friends and for people with reasonable followers on Instagram. After a short time, I collaborated with a band from Maracaibo named Kapibara, creating illustrations for their songs and their album cover, being one of my favorite projects so far.

unnamed (1)

Afterward, I decided to try new things and step up my art. I painted my first portrait by hand, as well as jackets, purses, wallets and even phone cases. I always want to take what I do to the next level, create something bigger than just paintings or digital illustrations and start my own brand with all my creations.


Usually, people ask me why my art is always black and white and how I developed my style in what it is today. Firstly, it is because I don’t like painting in colors, I always loved and got motivated by everything black and white. As for my style, it is something I developed a long time, trying different techniques until I got where I am today, where I like it the most and where I feel identified.

In addition, people ask me a lot about where I get inspiration for my creations. I think my inspiration comes primarily from people, from my favorite movies and poems or simply from experiences I’ve had or how I feel when I’m painting, and I try to capture those feelings and moments in my art. I think the best part of creating something is the backstory it has and how other people perceives and interprets what you do and imagine their own story based on that, as so, a painting can have a million interpretations, but what is amazing is the story behind its creation.

unnamed (2)

All of this is what I’m passionate about and I think is one of the only things I truly enjoy and love in my life. When I sit and start creating something the time goes flying, I get lost in what I’m doing and most of the time I don’t realize the time I spend painting or what is happening around me because I focus on what I’m doing and I love it.

Also, one of the things I love to do is combining everything I’m passionate about in my creations. In my social media accounts, you can notice that all the creations I upload have a caption of a poem telling the post’s backstory. All of my creations can be seen on my social media accounts, especially on Instagram, I usually sell them from that via and also get commissions for personalized illustrations or any wearable like jackets or purses.


Here are her social media channels, give her a follow and bring more art to your life..

  • Instagram @artbyft
  • Twitter @artbyft
  • Pinterest @fabiannatrompiz  board art by ft
  • Email

With Love,

Valentina Meza Kohnenkampf

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